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IRS Audit Representation of Orlando, Florida

IRS audit representation Orlando

IRS audit representation attorneys and tax accountants specializing in representing Orlando taxpayers who are facing an IRS audit. If you have received notice in the form of an IRS audit letter, you may be scared and tempted to pretend you didn't received it, but that's the wrong plan. With our growing federal deficit and the slow growth of our economy, the IRS has hired thousands of additional enforcement agents to collect more taxes. With the increase in IRS audits, the demand for our IRS audit representation program is growing. Some audits are not conducted in person, but rather by telephone or mail. They are called correspondence audits and they are far less intrusive than field audits. Indeed, most IRS audits are correspondence audits. Sometimes, you'll receive an audit notice because of mathematical errors on your tax return or because the IRS received a 1099 or W-2 that you failed to report on your return. In most cases, there is a logical explanation for the discrepancy that gave rise to the audit, and with professional IRS audit representation, your IRS audit problem will usually be resolved quickly and efficiently. Although correspondence audits are not as intrusive as field audits, they should not be taken lightly.

Don't face the IRS alone

Whenever you communicate with the IRS there are serious financial implications, and sometimes criminal implications, and it's important that your communications with the IRS are handled properly. An Orlando-area tax attorney who specializes in IRS audit representation can help to take emotion out of situation and resolve your tax audit. Obviously, if you have received notice that you must appear for a full-blown field audit, it would be a huge mistake to approach this on your own without proper IRS audit representation. The IRS makes mistakes too and Orlando Pure Tax Resolution can help to fix the mistake or explain your position to the IRS and advocate for the best possible resolution that will result in the lowest possible bill for taxes, tax penalties and interest. For a free consultation with one of our IRS audit representation experts, contact Pure Tax Resolution today. (407) 624-3948.