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Resolution for Payroll Tax Problems - Serving Orlando, FL Businesses

Payroll tax help Orlando

If you are an Orlando-area business owner struggling with payroll tax problems (or payroll tax debt), you should address them ASAP. Because payroll taxes are Trust Fund Taxes, which means you are holding the taxes in trust for your employees, the IRS has little patience for those who withhold, but fail to remit what is essentially their employees' money. If you don't file your Form 940 or Form 941 or if you file the payroll tax forms but fail to remit payroll taxes, you will eventually hear from the IRS. They may even visit your place of business without warning, which proves to be very detrimental to your business' reputation. That's how serious payroll tax problems can be.

Although payroll tax problems are serious, they can be resolved once you decide to own up to your payroll tax problems and take action. We have worked with Orlando business owners in a variety of different industries to obtain payroll tax debt settlement with the IRS, enabling our business clients to continue to operate free from the fear of IRS burdens. But, be assured that if you fail to take action, the IRS will aggressively pursue you as recovering payroll tax debt is one of their top objectives. Our IRS payroll tax problems attorneys and CPAs can help you secure payroll tax relief that includes payroll tax penalty abatement, to reduce the amount you owe and obtain an acceptable payment plan:

  • It is much more difficult to negotiate a payroll tax settlement through an installment agreement (payment plan) than in the case of individual income taxes or even business income taxes;
  • It is virtually impossible to obtain an offer in compromise for payroll tax debt because it is difficult to meet the strict financial criteria regarding the value of assets to qualify for an OIC.

How to settle your payroll tax debt

Because payroll tax problems present unique negotiating challenges, you should never attempt to resolve payroll tax debt on your own without payroll tax help. There are often plausible reasons why you failed to pay your payroll taxes or file your payroll tax returns, but your arguments need to be presented the right way, to the right IRS department, the first time. You don't want to risk the welfare of your business by taking the wrong course of action to settle your payroll tax debt. Orlando business owners are in good hands! For a FREE consultation with a payroll tax problems resolution specialists, please contact us today (407) 624-3948.