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Tax Resolution Accountants of Orlando, Florida


The certified public accountants at Orlando Pure Tax Resolution are tax resolution accountants who work with our tax attorneys in planning and implementing comprehensive tax relief and tax resolution strategies for our Orlando-area clients with IRS tax problems. Tax relief accounting services are not the same as ordinary accounting services, and not all tax accountants have the specific skill and training to expertly represent Orlando taxpayers confronted with IRS back tax problems. To effectively represent such taxpayers involves far more than performing computations and filling out tax returns. It involves the ability to choose between several valid methods of characterizing transactions, understanding statues of limitations applicable to tax collection, and preparing tax returns with a broad view toward tax settlement negotiations and tax relief. This takes focused tax relief training, which our tax accountants obtain on an ongoing basis at Orlando Pure Tax. Our tax resolution accountants assist taxpayers with each of the following tax relief accounting services:

  • Preparing back tax returns
  • Filing back tax returns
  • Payroll tax compliance issues
  • Sales tax compliance issues
  • Preparing offer in compromise calculations
  • Preparing returns and other IRS forms
  • Preparing for tax audits, IRS investigations and IRS appeals
  • Financial planning, tax planning and more.

Why do we utilize the services of tax accountants in addition to tax attorneys? The Internal Revenue Code is extraordinarily complex, and growing more so every year. Tax resolution accountants collaborate with tax attorneys to ensure that our taxpayer-clients receive the most thorough tax relief representation available in the industry. Our collaborative approach has enabled hundreds of Orlando individual and business taxpayers to obtain tax relief and maintain healthy tax status moving forward. For a FREE consultation with our team of licensed tax attorneys and tax resolution accountants, contact Orlando Pure Tax today at (407) 624-3948.