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IRS Tax Attorneys for Orlando Taxpayers

Tax attorneys Orlando FL

If you are an Orlando-area taxpayer that owes IRS back taxes, you should let tax attorneys or tax problem lawyers negotiate with the IRS to obtain a tax resolution for you. If you were facing serious legal prosecution, you would understand the consequences and know you only have one shot to represent your case properly, and the same goes for your IRS back tax debt. Just like all other defense attorneys, our tax attorney's sole purpose is to represent you and your tax resolution needs, knowing the IRS consequences at hand if your tax problems are not handled properly.  Tax attorneys have at least four advantages over all other tax practitioners, making them uniquely qualified to represent you with the IRS:

Privileged Communications

Only tax resolution attorneys can provide you with the benefit of the attorney-client privilege. You can feel free to disclose all of the facts underlying your case without fear that any information that could harm you will be disclosed to the IRS or anyone. This gives you a buffer against providing damaging information to the IRS.

Strong Negotiators

Tax attorneys are skilled negotiators. Our tax attorney's strong negotiating skills result in our clients typically paying far less than if they tried to settle their back taxes and tax penalties on their own.

Not Intimidated

Tax attorneys are not intimidated by the IRS, nor are they intimidated by the size and complexity of the Tax Code.  This is a result of their extensive education and real-life experience, working with Orlando taxpayers and the IRS to resolve all tax debt problems for good.


Tax attorneys are subject to disciplinary rules, requiring them to employ the highest standards of professional conduct in representing clients. So, unlike salesmen who just want your business, tax attorneys are legally obligated to provide professional representation, which should give you comfort that when you hire tax attorneys, like those at Orlando Pure Tax Resolution, your tax case will be handled promptly and effectively, and you'll be kept informed about our progress. 

Serving Orlando, Kissimmee, Apopka, Daytona Beach, Sanford, Lakeland, or any local Florida community, our tax attorneys can handle any tax problem you may have. If you have tax problems, contact the professional tax attorney team at Orlando Pure tax for a FREE consultation: (407) 624-3948